August Wrapup

September 13th, 2009 | Category: Live Photography
The Novocaines
The Novocaines @ Amplifier

August was a pretty busy month, my first full month working for The Wire, with a few other publications slotting in here and there. I was struck down by a pretty decent sized cold for a couple of weeks, but I soldiered on, and I think in some cases the cold&flu tablets and exhaustion worked in my favour!


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Film detour

June 07th, 2009 | Category: Live Photography
Nathan Gaunt, Fly By Night
Nathan Gaunt, Fly By Night

A few quick shots from a roll I picked up the other day. This one had been sitting in the camera for months before I finished it at an Eskimo Joe show a week or so ago, and I couldn’t even really remember what was on it! Turns out it was photos taken at the launch for Nathan Gaunt’s latest CD at the Fly By. They were all absolutely terrible, ridiculously overexposed, and I’ve got no real explaination for it. This is the first roll of ISO3200 I’ve actually SHOT at ISO3200 (I accidentally rated the last roll at ISO1600, and things were obviously a bit blown out), so I was expecting a little bit better. I suspect the meter had been changed from Spot to Center Weighted, but I don’t remember doing it, so I’ve got no idea how it happened.


I expected them to be grainy (obviously), but I did get a bit ‘Woah!’ when I picked up the prints. Looks like it was snowing inside the venue. I’ve only got one roll of ISO3200 left, and somehow I don’t think I”ll be restocking. The grain does add some character to some shots, but in these days of ultra-low digital noise it just looks WEIRD.


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BRB, k?

April 04th, 2009 | Category: Live Photography

Official adios for a little while, am moving house on Monday and will be without the internet for at least a week. So no Sunday Night Music Club or photos for this weekend or next, but we will resume normal programming as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Eskimo Joe released the first single off their upcoming album ‘Inshalla’ officially on Friday, and even though I’d heard the song enough previously to know almost all the words, it’s always nice to hear it all mixed and mastered and on the radio. So as a nod to Foreign Land finally being out, here’s a video of the song I recorded just under a year ago. Rumour is that the song was written about Heath Ledger’s death, but don’t quote me on that. You can hear the proper version on their Myspace, and the album will be out in May. I’ve heard a fair few of the songs over the last year, and it’s shaping up to be their best yet.

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