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2009 Wrapup

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Gyroscope @ Challenge Stadium

Gyroscope @ Challenge Stadium

Now that 2010 is finally here, thought it might be a good idea to do a retrospect over 2009 (mainly cause I didn’t find the time to post enough photos). If I had to sum up the year, I’d say it was the one where I found my feet again. I just needed to get away from the publication I’d contributed to since 06, and see what other opportunities were out there. Gamble paid off quite well, as I finished the year a regular contributor to The West Australian.

I think my Photo of the Year honours would have to go to the above photo, thought I still maintain it was nothing more than a lucky shot. Held the camera over my head, pressed the button, and prayed. Show of the Year might just have to go to Children Collide at Amplifier in April. They just ripped the hell out of the place and it was exhilarating to watch. Festival of the Year, as always, is Soundwave. It’s always the best photo-op of the whole year.

I photographed 85 acts in total over the year, which I think is a pretty ok effort considering I wasn’t really ‘working’ per se until June, and only did a couple of festivals. Not sure if that’s up or down from last year (I’ve never bothered to count before), but it’s a total I’m happy with.

So hop under the cut to check out every single one of those 85 acts, plus one of The Mess Hall at Amplifier for good luck. Here’s to Twenty Ten.

We Are The Emergency @ Amplifier, JanuaryBirds of Tokyo @ Southbound, January

The Mess Hall @ Amplifier, New Years Eve

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