Aug 5

And back AGAIN…

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Gyroscope @ Challenge Stadium, supporting the Living End
Gyroscope @ Challenge Stadium, supporting the Living End

┬áSo, it’s been months, what the bloody hell have I been up to?┬á Well, I started up Sunday Night Music Club to combat the fact I wasn’t really shooting that many shows, but now I AM back into the swing of things, poor old SNMC is tucked away for the next slow season.

I’m now lucky enough to be working for two regular clients, one web-based, and one print media. I also haven’t done a show for free since May, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Since I last did a proper update I’ve shot Tame Impala, Gyroscope, The Living End, Little Birdy, Tijuana Cartel, Bliss n Eso, Hilltop Hoods, The Butterfly Effect, and Doves. Getting the print media photos up is a bit of a vicious cycle. I can’t put them up anywhere until the paper’s out, which is a Thursday, so by the time I get around to actually getting them up, they’re a week old and ‘boring’, and I’m out shooting the next assignment. A ‘Month in Review’ type of post system might result in me, well, actually posting every now and again.

In non gig-shooty news, I got my tickets to The Academy Is… show the other day, and while I’m about ten years too old to┬á be really excited, I AM. Yay!

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