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Sunday Night Music Club #2

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As Tall As Lions
Milk and Honey – As Tall As Lions

I’m off to the Soundwave Festival tomorrow, to experience the best that the emo, screamo, pop punk, alternative, hardcore, and metal genres have to offer, so this week’s MP3 is from a band IĀ would neverĀ have discovered if not for Soundwave.

As Tall As Lions formed sometime in 2001, somewhere in New York, and haveĀ four rather excellent releases to their collective name. Fast forward to 2007, when I was at Soundwave to photograph a friends band while battling a raging headcold. They were one of the first bands of the day, my job was essentially done, so I took a lazy wander around the showgrounds while I decided to stay or go. On an out-of-the-way stage, playing to a handful of people, were As Tall As Lions. I’d never heard of them, but they were very different to the ‘yelling bands’ on all the other stages, and much easier to listen to. I stayed to watch them for a little while, but the cold got the better of me, so I cut it short.

A year later ATAL returned to Soundwave, albeit in acoustic form with just Dan Nigro and Julio Tavarez. I was so determined to experience them properly that I didn’t even take any photos (thus the stock-standard press photo up there). Again on an out-of-the-way stage, again to a handful of people, but again simply hypnotic and beautiful. They opened with a stunning cover of ‘Hallelujah’. If I wasn’t 100% sold before, I was after that point.

It was hard to pick one song to define As Tall As Lions, but the song I chose has a similar vibe to the songs of an Australian band which I absolutely love, Epicure. They’re very much an ‘album’ band as opposed to a single band, so if you like this one, please check out their self-titled LP.

Unfortunately they’re not on the lineup for Soundwave tomorrow, it seems to be a much heavier vibe this year, but I’m looking forward to their return to Perth.


Milk and Honey

I’m sick of waking up alone,
Honey I’m pleading
Let’s put away the sticks and stones
Be human beings
I have the sense to be afraid to be a fool

You push me out again
You push me up against a wall
You told me once your body flowed
With milk and honey
But what happened to our boy
Inside your tummy?
I have the sense to be afraid, to be a fool
But I’m on the fence
To make you stay or to be cruel

You perfume covered helpless louse,
Look on the bright side
See, every time you laugh out loud
I’m crying inside
I have the sense to be afraid, to be the fool
Try commonsense. make me believe
Believe in you

I should have known you’d kick me hard
When i’m on the ground

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