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‘Australia’ premiere, ACE Cinemas Midland Gate

Since┬ámoving on from Drum Media to join cross-town rivals Xpress Magazine, I’ve been thrown out of my comfort zone in a big way. Venue reviews, event coverage, and social photos make up a large part of Xpress’s content, and while I’d dabbled a little in the past, I think I’ll certainly be on a steep learning curve for the next few weeks, especially since most of these jobs require me to use my often-neglected flash and actually think about white balance.

The Dominicks, Clancy’s Fremantle

Just over a week ago I was sent to Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle, a restaurant/pub which was one of my regular haunts when I was about 19. Already off to a bad start, I’d discovered a few days before that my camera was broken, and while it was able to function essentially normally, I was unable to change the aperture in M mode. Given that I had zero time to take it in to get fixed, I just had to improvise and use the lens with the smallest aperture while wide open, which turned out to be my 17-40 f4L. Lethally wide on a full frame 5D.

Dance dance

For someone like myself, who is fairly shy and quiet, going up to complete strangers and asking to take their photo isn’t exactly the epitome of fun, but luckily there was a band on, so I got to take a few snaps of my preferred subject matter. Admittedly, an f4 lens in a dark pub wasn’t ideal, but you play the cards you’re given. The Dominicks were great fun, and had everyone up and dancing. I stayed for a beer after I’d finished the assignment so I could catch┬áthe rest of their set.

The Dominicks, Clancy’s Fremantle

Last weekend I fronted up at ACE Cinemas at Midland Gate for the Perth premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s new epic ‘Australia’. Was somewhat of a strange experience, what with us having a ‘media pen’ next to the red carpet, and having to pounce on the passing ‘celebrities’. Given the demographic of Xpress, I was mainly targeting the younger crowd and local musos, who proved to be few and far between. So when I spied these little guys, I was happy to ditch the camera for a little while to ‘get back to nature’.

Red Kangaroo joey on the left, Grey Kangaroo on the right

A couple of lovely ladies from a wildlife rescue place up in the hills had brought them along to provide the ‘cute’ for the afternoon. And they certainly did their jobs. These little guys were a lot luckier than the guy cracking the stockwhip outside in the pouring rain.

Cuddling little Harry was more entertaining than mobbing people for photos!

I guess the best thing about making┬áthe switch to another facet of event coverage is the different people you meet. All the regular music photogs in Perth know each other fairly well, and so there’s almost always someone at a gig with whom you can have a drink and a chat in between sets. A definite level of ‘comfortable’. At this event, I knew absolutely no one, so spent a fair bit of my time keeping out of the way of the photographers from the big papers. But by the end it was all good, and I rode the coat-tails of Cheyne from The West Australian to grab the following shot (cause I would have been too gutless to nab him myself!):

Matthew Pavlich, captain of the Fremantle Dockers FC, and mortal enemy of West Coast supporters (ie. me). Nice bloke though.

A return to normal programming this weekend, am shooting Jeff Martin at the Fly By for the third or fourth time. I think I’ve been to just about every solo tour he’s done, yet I still don’t own any Tea Party albums. He’s a force to be reckoned with live, I don’t know if the CDs will quite live up to it. Discovering him was a very happy accident.


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  1. Tasha December 3rd, 2008 11:38 pm

    Wow, Jacinta. Good for you. I did a full-event coverage gig once and it terrified me, for most of the reasons you mentioned – use of flash, talking to people, etc. I’m sure you’ll do so well though, and at least it’s definitely not boring!

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