Oct 14

The dying art of gig photography

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Little bit of Tuesday night reading for you. This article was posted in the Concert Photography Flickr forum, and while I may have been swayed by the inclusion of my eternal favourite Jill Furmanovsky, I thought it was a pretty interesting little read. Going over how it was, how it is, and how it might end up in the future.

Clicky click through to see the online version of the mag, complete with all the pretty pictures.

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  1. Dan October 15th, 2008 9:24 am

    Great read….definitely agree with them, some of the arrangements around at the moment are ridiculous – that and the fact that bands these days (even major ones) opt to choose the cheapers/free artist over the professional & quality work from someone who values their work & charges for their services.

    I’d kill to have a full set with some bands….I was lucky last Soundwave for Killswitch, I was the only photog so no security told me off & I shot 90% of their set….but it was shitty lighting so I didn’t end up with a stack of shots unfortunately

    Korn I stuck around for 5 songs before leaving on my own accord after feeling like I got what I came for & before the rest of the photogs were told off

    You cannot live from rock photography though, even overseas….you HAVE to branch out and hit the studio/editorial/weddings etc to live comfortably

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