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Sunday Night Music Club #5

March 29th, 2009 | Category: Music Club
If You Come Back - Blue
If You Come Back – Blue


I’ve never had any problem admitting my love for late 90s pop music. Even after I reached the point where I was too old to actually enjoy the music, I was still fascinated by the process of using the same formula to churn out band after band after band, knowing that as long as you had cute boys or sassy girls (or both), you were on to a winner. I also liked the fact that grunge and post-grunge bands were existing in a market alongside New Kids On The Block, Take That, and Nsync. Apples and oranges indeed.

I’m moving house next weekend, and as part of the packing I came across a stack of old VHS tapes containing performances, video clips, interviews etc of a whole bunch of bands spanning from approximately 1997 to 2001/02.┬á There were a million and one music shows on free to air telly during those years, these days it’s only video clip shows if you don’t have Pay TV. The tape that I popped in the VCR had a few songs from these guys, Blue. After all these years, I still knew the words.

This particular song encompasses pretty much everything I like about pop music. Plaintive love theme? Check. Multiple-part harmonies? Check. Easy to learn lyrics? Check. Simple melody? Check. Larynx-bursting emotion at some point in the song? Check.┬áI dare say growing up with this sort of music still has an influence on my tastes today. I’m still drawn to the ‘clean’ sounding tracks, clear vocals, and I always prefer the classic (formulaic?) melodies before anything else.

And of course, being a teenage girl at the time, I did have a favourite. The one on the left with the major league fake tan and frosted tips.