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Sunday Night Music Club #4

March 22nd, 2009 | Category: Music Club
Rough Diamonds - End of Fashion
Rough Diamonds (Demo) – End of Fashion


There are very few songs out there where I can specifically remember the very first time I heard it. On Sunday nights in late 2004, Nova had a ‘local’ music show, hosted by Chris and Kev from Jebediah. To be fair, they played the more accessible radio friendly stuff that was out there, but it was all the bands and acts I loved, like Eskimo Joe, Autopilot, Carus, Nathan Gaunt and Fourth Floor Collapse. One night they played a song by a band I hadn’t heard of before, and I stopped whatever it was I was doing, and I listened. It was like the clear chime of a bell through the fog. I was hooked.

Rough Diamonds as a song has been tinkered with a fair bit since I heard this demo on the radio, but I still find I much prefer this version over the EP and album versions, as I guess it’s more about the memory of discovery than it is about anything else.

The first time I saw them live was when this photo was taken, back in 2005. I caught them again on Friday night, and it was funny how much had changed. I took the photo with a little point and shoot camera from my seat, which is a far cry from the brute gear I have now. They had only just released their debut album a matter of days before this show, and since then have won ARIAs, had a top 5 album, toured nationally by themselves and as part of the country’s biggest festivals, and last year released their follow-up album ‘Book of Lies’. What once was a band with a couple of EP’s and a┬ábit of hype, has now become one of Perth’s best-known.

Music is a true tranportation device, and every time I hear this song, it’s 2005 all over again.