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Rosemount Relaunch 180908

October 13th, 2008 | Category: Live Photography

The Dirty Secrets
The Dirty Secrets, Rosemount

The Rosemount Hotel is an institution in Perth, and for good reason. Not only a premier live music venue (voted Best Venue in this year’s WAMI Awards, if I’m not mistaken), it’s also the perfect pub when you’re after a few quiet drinks with mates. The Rosie had been getting renovated slowly over the last few years, and while many other city pubs had shed their homely roots and were targeting the sorts of people who wore oversized sunnies and popped collars, the Rosemount stayed faithful and probably gained more regular patrons because of it. The gigantic beer garden is the big drawcard in summer. Sunshine, green grass, deckchairs and beer…what more could anyone ask for? The cosy interior is just as inviting when the weather’s not as nice. Warm colours throughout, fake fireplace with a toasty heater installed, and a scattered bunch of mis-matched op-shop couches. Seriously, how can anyone not love this place?

Apparently it’s an impossible notion, considering the amount of people who turned out for the Rosemount’s grand relaunch in September. Even more impressive, considering it was a school night.


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