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Next Big Thing 2008

July 22nd, 2008 | Category: Live Photography

Boys Boys Boys, Amplifier

A big ol’ photospam to recap on the weekend’s activities. The Next Big Thing band competition is the biggest band comp in WA, with winners getting some pretty sweet prizes (including playing at the Big Day Out), as well as having their name firmly shoved out into the national spotlight. I was the official NBT photographer last year, and while it was pretty hard work and I missed out on a fair few gigs cause I was tied up at the NBT shows, I do miss the camaraderie and trying to guess the winners of each heat. So when I got asked to cover the two NBT semi finals this weekend, I was never going to say no.

Boys Boys Boys were victorious at Amplifier on Friday night, with Project Mayhem coming in second, while The Typhoons took out the Rosemount semi, with Myles Vincent not far behind. They all go on to the grand final at the Rosemount on Saturday, joined by two finalists from the regional semi final and a wildcard. I won’t be able to go, as I’m covering British India at Amplifier, but it’ll be a hotly contested final and well worth a look. My pick is Boys Boys Boys for #1, but it’s too hard to call the runner-up spots without having heard the regional acts, and knowing who the wildcard will be.


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